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uPVC Doors & Window Repair

CCTV Installation

Glass Replacement


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Registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales under Company Number: 7622823.

All our work is guaranteed. We offer a Free estimate before work commences.

All local areas are covered.

  • Replace cracked or broken units

  • Replace broken handles to windows and doors

  • Realignment of dropped doors

  • Replacement uPVC door panels

  • Resealing to interior and exterior windows and doors

  • Replace locking mechanism to uPVC doors and windows

  • Black rubber gasket replacement

  • Security updates

  • Cat and dog flaps fitted

  • Fire escape hinges to windows

  • Child restrictor stays to windows

  • Anti jemmy device






We specialise in replacing double glazed units that have failed.


Condensation inside the glass.


Generally the reason for the breakdown of the sealed unit is age. When a unit reaches between10 to 15 years of age the sealant surround tends to deteriorate. Failure can also be down to poor manufacture or fitting. Whatever the cause, what is important is that each faulty unit can be replaced individually thereby keeping your outlay to a minimum.


You do not need to replace all your uPVC windows

Glass replacement


If you have misted up sealed glazed units this means that the unit has failed. Misted, foggy, cloudy or units with condensation inside can all be replaced easily with a new double glazed unit.


You do not have to go out and buy new windows all you need to do is replace the faulty unit.


This can be done on almost every type of window including wood and aluminium. By replacing the units you are in effect prolonging the life of the uPVC windows.

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