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uPVC Doors & Window Repair

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Registered as a Limited Company in England and Wales under Company Number: 7622823.

Abracadabra Upvc window and door repair specialists is an established UPVC Door and Window Repair specialist based in Newcastle upon tyne . We cover the whole of the North East and carry out quality repairs on UPVC Doors and UPVC Windows. We have lots of experience in the UPVC repair industry and due to our professional, friendly and efficient repair service we have gained the trust of both domestic and commercial customers.


You may not realise that if, for example, your UPVC door mechanism has failed  due to wear and tear, it can be repaired rather than replaced - saving you a large amount of money. A new UPVC door can often cost you around £800 to buy and have fitted, whereas a repair to the door lock or surround will cost you a fraction of this price. The same goes for windows, the cost of a new UPVC window can be very expensive whilst getting it repaired can literally save you hundreds of pounds.

Why buy new uPVC doors and windows when you can have your current ones repaired at a fraction of the cost?

Kitchen doors

Supplied & Fitted

  • Door Chains

  • Door Viewers

  • Hinge Bolts

  • Door Guards

  • Anti-thrust plates

  • Security Chains (Alarmed/Key/Combination)

  • Trailor Locks

  • Anchor Points (Wall & Ground Mounted)

  • Garage Door Restrictors

  • Exernal Combination Key Storage

  • CCTV & Dummy CCTV Fitted

  • Fire & Water Resistant Storage

  • Lockable Mailboxes

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